09 Oct 2006
Peter Jackson (the producer of 'Lord Of The Rings') just appeared in a discussion Panel on an Xbox - conference.
The topic: "Interactive stories in Games".

It's all about the next generation of games change while the player interacts with them. The Gaming Industry has not been able to address this issue for years now. It's about time.

Now that this big fish in blockbuster entertainment is in the boat, I thought it's about time to announce that I'm sitting in that boat, too :-)
Since a couple of month I've been thinking what I could do in that field and had a lot ideas. The whole thing is a really complex problem, because it involves the player in a complex world, defining it less beforehand, and more while the player actually interacts with it.

So there is a lot of AI involved, and maybe Psychology is helpful - great, I study Cognitive Sciences.
And, a lot of dramatic, artistic knowledge is needed, because this will be about complex characters interfering with the player. This is not Sim City.
I'm actually trying to involve people who have exactly those artistic skills and knowledge and who I know so well that they'll eventually understand the limitations and embrace with me the technical challenge.
I read Chris Crawford's excellent introduction to the topic and I think it's time to get my hands on programming.
I think there are big names in that pond, but it will eventually turn out to be a very big pond, so I'll take a chance...
I'll keep posting about things that are interesting around my efforts...
For the moment, I'll leave you with two links to the famous people I noticed:

Chris Crawford's new company
Peter Jackson on the XBOX conference
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