20 Oct 2005

I just noticed that the Java Script Code I showed in this 2cents was not very well readable. I just colored it in green. Everybody saw it was Source Code, but nobody would have fun to read it.


I use Jedit as my favorite code editor and I remembered it has this cool plugin called code2html for turning Code into nicely highlighted HTML. Unfortunately, the plugin manager returned some awkward ftp error again (is Jedit not maintained anymore? They even have a MySQL access error on their index page!).

So I googled "code2html" and found this online CGI Script. It works really well and the output looks nice, but sadly, its output is not XHTML. The font element is used with its "color" attribute:< font color="4444FF">

Shortly before giving up I thought: "Why not copy and paste it all into my TinyMCE Editor I have for my Webpages? Let's see what it does with it."

And voila: <font style="color: rgb(68, 68, 255)">. Here the styling is CSS (of course, the "font" tab has to be configurated as valid_element in tinymce).




A nice example how good a software TinyMCE seems to be.

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  on20 Apr 2008 - 10:55 frombhaumik


i m creating page templates in zope.

i m a beginner and was wondering if i could add a tinyMCE in my webpage instead of a plain textarea. now i have downloaded the zip file and also exploded it in the /var/lib.../products/ZtinyMCE folder and also created an object in zope in a temporary folder.

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