12 Aug 2010

I am sick today so I had time to watch two talks on why the interpretation of what humans (want to) thrive for is outdated and needs to change. Both are about 50 Minutes long, but have speakers of different age and background. Both can help in understanding this new idea of how mankind is interoperating, but both are also not a final answer  - they are descriptions of what is in the beginnings and may turn out to happen in this or a similar way. They are also not the only people who think about this theme, of course.

Hans-Peter Dürr (interview is in German) is an accomplished quantum physicist and explains how from that point of view, "Wirklichkeit" is a much better term than "reality". He then talks about how he fought in World War II, worked with Edward Teller and Werner Heisenberg and met Hannah Arendt, leading him to later engagements for peace, more sustainable communities and economies.

Sternstunde Philosophie vom 25.04.2010

Jeremy Rifkin (talk is in english, with convenient subtitles), one generation younger, is someone who runs think tanks, advises the EU on energy planning and sells books. His latest theme is the "empathic civilisation", and here he is invited at Google to explain it and the challenge it faces during the coming energy crisis. He uses the occasion to tell Google what role he thinks they should be playing. He introduces the empathy-entropy paradox we need to break: As mankind has widened the circle of empathy, the energy footprint became worse and worse.

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