16 Aug 2005
I just listened to Jamais Cascio on IT Conversations. His Future Scenario of Little Brothers everywhere is intriguing and one I did not find in "Radical Evolution" (although memory enhancement was surely a topic - memory enhancement just means that you have some kind of recording devices with you. One day they'll be so light and small you don't notice them anymore. And they'll never need to stop recording because memory is so cheap).
As everybody enhances his or her memory, lying gets more and more difficult. That is not only due to the pure mass of data that might be recorded of every event. It's also about availibility.
Cascio thinks about social networking applications that human like to use to exchange. Humans just love to do gibberish, talk about one another, talk about what you like, talk even more about what you hate.
So you might stand in front of a restaurant that you never saw before and some little gadget in your pocket helps you find an opinion about it (maybe you'll even get pictures of the pizzas). And that opinion is held by someone you don't even know. You just know someone who knows someone who does. But in a cascade of little conversations between little devices that people fed with data (consciously or not), you will get your data, Cascio says.
And now think of asking for opinions (or any pictures) about people you just met. "What is your name?" tippeditipp "Ah, here you are as a 11-year-old in your underpants. Haha!" Thanks, mom...

If this scenario comes, and the reasons Cascio gave are good, there'll be a lot of crying about the misuse of data, a lot of learning what not to do and how to trust. Some things will feel different, but this scenario explains itself with human nature and this is why it is a good one.
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