26 Sep 2005

While researching the web for Generators that do what I try to, I found CodeCharge (among others). It promises to be a really mature Generator for Web applications.
All the more interesting, it works just like mine: The input is an XML File, and a lot of XSL: "over the years the complexity of our XSL has grown tremendously".
A lot of the way they did it reminds me of my last project at RoeperWeise. where I programmed Version 1.0 of a VB6-Generator. The tying of developer-defined actions to events, for example. Interesting.
But Codecharge might not be perfect. Try that URl in Opera: All the main links are gone...
Good thing to know nobody is perfect. I know how complex this Generator thing can be when you keep adding features (and they have a lot!).

So get it on!

# lastedited 09 Oct 2005
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