28 Nov 2008

Helping your fellow citizens is often a little different over here in Amsterdam.

I live on top of a coffee shop. It's nothing more than a take-away. Get in, buy weed from a little window, get out.


A young man approached me when I wanted to unlock my door. He gave me 5 Euros and asked if I would buy him weed (because he isn't 18 yet). I said yes.

I stepped inside, went to the counter and said "Weed for 5.". The guy placed three little bags on the counter and I took them. Turns out this is wrong. I should've chosen one of them.

I: "Oops, this is my first time."

He: "Did someone send you?"

I: "No, no, I just moved in..."



The next day, an old woman in a wheelchair waited in fornt of the coffeeshop and kept knocking the door. "Mag ik u helpen?" I asked. I stepped inside (there is a small stairway in the entrance) and told the guy: "You have a customer here."

Whereas in other countries you help old ladies across the street, here you help them buy weed. Good times ...

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