08 Jun 2008

Funny thing that Germans as well as Englishmen should understand this dutch title :) - which I am not totally sure is correct, I need more practice.

Anyway, so I was a speaker on this student conference, organised by the dutch society of AI students. All other presentations were in dutch, but the organisers were kind enough to let me apply even if I only could give my talk in english. And they accepted my paper, which results in an official publication in the conference proceedings.

The project which this is about has been done last semester in the course "Advanced Self-Organisation" by Martijn Schut. It deals with trust-building in complex markets. My partner on this was Tomas, but as he is currently in China learning to play Go, I wrote the paper by myself. Maybe we'll work on the topic some more...

Last Friday, I went to Utrecht and attended the conference, which was a nice meetup and my talk was well received.

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