10 Mar 2008

I recently came around to get pictures off my mobile via bluetooth. They have been locked in there a long time.

A lot of them I had completely forgotten or never looked at on a real screen. The camera is not very good, but sometimes I obviously saw things that the world needs to see anyway. Here a some jewels:

In the library of the university of Osnabrueck: Lexicon of nutrition. Volumes A to Fat, Fat to M and N to Z.

On the train station of Muenster, Germany. If you would really spell Osnabrueck like that, it would sound as if Adolf Hitler says "Osnabrueck".

Seen in the window of a turkish supermarket in Osnabrueck: "Smartklamp: Circumcision with one click!" If this is satire, it is damn good and the place of action has been well chosen. If not, I have nothing  to add.

Update: Jan found out that it seems to be for real. Ugh. But at least the company's site is down. Maybe a rabbi or whoever does it is still the way to go.

One of my first trips to Amsterdam in search of appartment and a new life. But the Blue Screen Of Death is everywhere! I bought my ticket elsewhere.

This is how you transport kids and other stuff on your bike in Amsterdam.


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  on10 Mar 2008 - 22:03 fromJan wwwhttp://brasserie-seul.de
I especially like »Osnabrock« paired with »Teuto-Bahn« (»Teuto-Train«).
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