12 Apr 2007
I just watched the Google tech Talk about the new Yahoo Pipes Service.
It's very cool (I also liked to hear about difficulties when using the Javascript Canvas feature).

Basically, you can combine RSS feeds (which is a standardized XML format) from different web pages and do stuff with them. You may want to filter for keywords. Those keywords may in turn come from another RSS feed. You can generate results for specific problems very quickly.
The working example in the talk is to find apartments on Craigs List whose address are in Palo Alto, California within a range of 1 mile to a park.

Here is another example showing off their great in-browser editor.

A great idea.

I kept on thinking for two minutes and had the idea that you might make this usable without this editor you see above. You see, they made it so good you can almost read out loud what is happening in the pipe.
It should be possible to translate Natural Language, or a subset of it, to a Yahoo Pipe. How great would that be? Ok, a subset of Natural Language to describe queries... hey, that's SQL!

Then I googled for "yahoo pipes sql" and found out I wasn't the first with that idea. Of course not.  It's a great point and I'm not ashamed to emphasize it again.
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