26 Mar 2007
I was browsing through my Google Page statistics lately. Gosh, I didn't know I would be found primarily for terms like that. But let's begin from the start.

I include some Java Script code on my page. This code informs Google about visitors on my page. That way, Google is able to tell me how many people came to my site. Or where they came from. And sometimes what they were doing before.
You see, when you search for something at Google or any other search engine, you visit an URL like this:


The search query is right in there. Here, it's "fluch der kindheit" (german for "curse of childhood"). Hold on to that, it's gonna be important.
When someone clicks on a link that was presented as a result for that search, the server that hosts this page will know which was the last URL you visited before (it's called "last referrer" or something like that). This way, Google knows where my visitors came from.

Now, Google can tell me for which search queries my page was listed at good positions, say in one of the top ten.

It turns out that when people, for whatever reason, google for "fluch der kindheit", my page turns up at number four, or near there. Yippie.

Guys, my childhood wasn't that bad. I was only joking there. I have to study harder so one day I will program a sense of irony into Google :-)
# lastedited 10 Apr 2007
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