25 Oct 2006
Here is a short list of ressources to that interesting new world of Interactive Storytelling:

Wikipedia on Interactive Storytelling
The article is really short, it becomes interesting when compared to Interactive Fiction.

The Website of Chris Crawford's new company (founded this year). It's a mixed team of under 10 people. They want to commerzialize Crawford's Erasmatron engine. Part of the plan is to attract creative writers that would use their tool to create storyworlds. The actual beta version of their development tool is not very intuitive at this point (see below), but no one said it's gonna be easy (and I admit I didn't read the tutorial).

The blog of the creators of Facade and others
(Facade is one of the first serious approaches in Interactive Storytelling - well, Interactive Drama... You should try it out. It only takes 10 minutes or so. They, too, are working on a new product (but calculate with 3 years - there is much work in such a thing...)

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