29 May 2006
since this morning I am convinced that my bookmarks are gone. I will have to use a backup from January 2005. This is very sad. Everybody who is collecting these little treasures of journeys through the web will understand...
How could that happen? I reconstructed the whole sad story like this: Normally, my Linux and Windows installations share the bookmark file for Firefox. As I recently got my G4 iBook, I tried out the BookmarkSynchronizer extension for Firefox to store my bookmarks on a server, so that all my Firefoxes just get their bookmark file there. I made Firefox up- and download that file automatically on shutdown and startup, respectively. I haven't done that on my iBook yet, I had no time. Sadely, as it turns out! But read on...
The next thing that leads to the loss of an important part of my external memory is this: I meddled around with my /etc/fstab file. That file holds the configuration for partitions on the harddrive under unix. In fact, it specifies how they are mounted to the file system. While I rescued some data from my girlfriend's old harddrive, I also tried out something with the partition that holds all my data that Linux and Windows share.
Long story short, I made a mistake. That partition was not mounted anymore (but I didn't notice). The next time Firefox shut down, it uploaded my bookmark file automatically to the server. Since it didn't find one, it uploaded an empty file. And then... well, it must have happened like this: Then I noticed I had crushed my /etc/fstab and corrected it. The next time I started Firefox, it automatically downloaded that empty file and replaced the local one with it. From that point on, all my bookmarks had gone. It's a cruel world.

Update 28.06.2006: ohmygod, I found a copy of the bookmark file that I uploaded on my desktop. It's called "xbel.xml". I must have downloaded it to see how that XML looked like. Thanks to heaven I was so curious. Now my bookmarks are back :-)
# lastedited 28 Jun 2006
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