19 Jan 2006
I once tried to summarize Jamais Cascios excellent future vision of the Participatory Panopticon.
Today I listened to his talk he gave on Accelerating Change 2005. The theory is almost the same, with some new technical examples (for example taking pictures of what you eat with your handy and let a japanese company compute your diet on the fly). New is this one idea:
He brought up the question if these memory assistances will be built into ourselves or rather not. And his answer his "no", illustrated with this simple point:
A brain surgery is something you don't want to have every few years, definitely not. But, for sure, the technical gadgets of 2015 will supersede those of 2010. And 2020 those will be old cake again. No one would want to go to brain surgery every few years. Sounds interesting.
Maybe there are non-invasive techniques on the way, but those really will need some years, say 20, to kick in.
# lastedited 19 Jan 2006
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