19 Aug 2005
Plans for the website go into the interesting phase. I think about a cool domain I could use. I found that all those iSomething-terms have really been used to death (just try to google "iMind", "iChange" and the like). Maybe I should register my name as well as something cool, like www.mag.net (which also seems to be gone without being used) ... I also try to have kind of a topic under which I write. Although a blog can entail just about anything, essays should not and it's a good thing to have a mission. Which just means that you have "something to say". Do I have "something to say"? I am not too sure, so I'll try to bootstrap myself out of that problem - by writing I'll see. But a topic doesn't come that way. I should define what I'll try to say in an essay. And the technical stuff. I think I'll do a lot of things dynamically, with PHP and a database, so I can write from anywhere. Since my provider only makes PHP possible I am stuck to that, although I really would like to try Python... I'll generate all the boring PHP that just shows data or gives me the maintenance stuff. By that I can refresh all my XML/XSL skills.
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