21 Nov 2005

I just installed the iBrowser plugin for TinyMCE to make image upload possible (it is not by default included in TinyMCE). This is a pretty good description.

Besides chmoding the ibrowser directories to 777 (not 775) I had to make two extra adjustments:

  • I switched the name of editor_plugin.js to editor_plugin_src.js because otherwise, there would no ibrowser-button be seen in TinyMCE
  • I still couldn't upload pics because the "Browse..."-button that lets you select a file on your computer was hiding the button that lets you say: "Yes, please upload!" I changed the size of the input field in ibrowser.php, made it 10 chars shorter. Maybe that's a general ibrowser-problem with Firefox on Unix (Opera worked well).
# lastedited 18 Dec 2005
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