Hi. I am Nicolas Höning.

  • I am a Phd researcher at the Centrum Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI), Amsterdam. I look into economic models and algorithms to utilise flexibility in future energy systems. More details: my CWI profile page and a list of all my publications
  • I am the IT coordinator (and a developer) at the organic food cooperative Vokomokum. All-volunteer, each order cycle has >100 orderers and goods in the 5-figure range. Pretty challenging, mostly on the side of managing social and technological realities. 
  • I am a programmer, mostly Python/Javascript and mostly web applications, but not exclusively (i.e. for my scientific simulations, web apps are not useful). I am a strong proponent of open source and diversity on the web, so you can find my code at Github, Assembla and Google Code

I also try to keep this resume up to date.